Welcome to Grand Avenue Middle School
Carlo Conte
Assistant Principal: James Mollica
Assistant Principal: Andrew Del Rosario

Material list for 7R & 7H

  • TI 30XIIS calculator (YOUR NAME ON BACK)
  • 1" easy-open, binder USED FOR MATH ONLY!
  • Pencils with erasers
  • 2 colored pencils
  • 2 page dividers
  • Yellow highlighter
  • 3 page protectors


Interactive On-line Holt Textbook

7th grade honors and regular students can now go on-line for exciting and interactive lessons through Everyone will be issued a user ID and password.

Enjoy creative videos, activities, practice tests and more - chapter by chapter!

POW Video - Logical Thinking



China Adventure

Mrs. Motley's China Adventure. I'm back from an exciting summer tour with the Teach China Institute of Manhattan. I attended the 3 week program with 16 other educators from all over the country. We visited high schools, museums, climbed the great wall and I even zip-lined down. This year I will be incorporating even more new and creative ideas for teaching higher level thinking skills in math. We'll also be working on some "China Connection" in our Do Now's which will incorporate some interesting facts about China with real-life math applications. video


Twilight Star at Grand Ave. School

Peter Facinelli the actor who stars as Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight Movie, came to greet students and teachers. He talked about the fun he had making the movie, its huge success among teenagers, and spent time initiating impromptu character acting among some 8th graders.